MICAM Protection

MICAM manufacture and install wall lining systems and a range of associated products designed to offer enhanced safety and protection to public spaces and infrastructure projects. These critical locations are found typically within airports or rail stations. 

Fire performance and safety is always a primary consideration for public spaces – MICAM have a long history of product development and verification in this area and our systems are tested and certified to keep pace with current regulatory demands.

Protection against terrorism and explosion in critical locations has become a recent necessary building requirement and to meet this challenge MICAM has designed, tested and certified a range of systems that offer enhanced protection in these areas.

MICAM wall lining systems meet current aviation and land transport systems best practice guidelines – Security in Airport Development (ASIAD) and Security in Design of Stations (SIDOS). Arena testing and validation is a key part of the on-going developments addressed by MICAM to demonstrate guideline compliance in these critical areas.

MICAM’s Horizon wall lining system is designed to meet the aesthetic appearance and durability requirements within airport or rail locations and withstand impact damage caused by accidental collision, general wear and tear in high traffic areas or acts of vandalism.

MICAM also offer anti-bacterial panel surfaces while maintaining the overall aesthetic of the system.


Advanced Composite Wall Lining system

The MICAM HORIZON™ 2.0 internal wall lining system comprises of a unique high performance Low Smoke glass‑reinforced laminate LSM21 with an anodised aluminium panel framing system which can be applied in a horizontal or vertical orientation.

The system exhibits outstanding reaction to fire and response to blast providing ASIAD compliance.

Easy to install,the system meets the performance, cost, flexibility and durability requirements of the airport environment and high traffic public spaces.

Blast Properties HORIZON™ 2.O internal wall lining complies with ASIAD bomb blast requirements. MICAM LSM21 panels offer safe break properties and do not shatter producing hazardous fragments.
High Impact Resistance MICAM LSM21 panel provide outstanding impact resistance so trolley rail protection is not required in most normal traffic areas.
Excellent Fire Performance Class O material (England and Wales Building Regulations).
Complies with the requirements of EN 13823 Euro Class B
Removable Panels can be individually removed if access to services is required.
Panel Orientation HORIZON™ 2.O wall lining is available in either a vertical or horizontal orientation providing a high degree of flexibility and design options.
Graffiti and UV Resistance HORIZON 2.O internal wall lining provides long term stability of panel aesthetics. MICAM LSM21 Panels can be easily cleaned with water based cleaning materials.
Graphic Overlay MICAM LSM21 panels provide a suitable substrate for application of short or long term graphic overlays.


Material: MICAM LSM21 laminate
Finish: standard white or special colours on request
Panel edge trim: anodised aluminium with silver satin AA10 finish on vertical edges
Edge trim width: 1.5mm
Max panel size: CNC machined
1200mm x 3000mm wide for horizontal installation
1200mm x 2400mm high for vertical installation
Panel thickness: 5mm for LSM21 laminate excluding framing
Panel weight: 27kg for 1200mm x 2400mm standard vertical panel
Installed panel depth: 9mm from panel front face to substrate
Fixing Method: mechanically supported by upper and lower aluminium tracks in conjunction with adhesive bonding






Silver Grey

Dove Grey

Soft Grey







Other colours are available on request.
  The MICAM HORIZON™ 2.O internal wall lining system utilises mechanical fixing of the anodised aluminium frame components
Upper and lower tracks  
Material: anodised aluminium silver satin finish AA10
Length: supplied in 4m lengths, cut on site as required
Fixing method: mechanically screwed to substrate
Vertical shadow gap  
Material: anodised aluminium silver satin finish AA10
Gap width: typically 5mm; installed from 0mm–10mm gap feature incorporated into the panel edge trim
Material: stainless steel grade 304 with polycoated front face
Thickness: 1.5mm
Finish: 240 grit in horizontal direction
Height: 200mm with 20mm shadow gap on top, alternative heights can be specified
Depth: 11mm from front face of skirting to substrate
Length: 2.5m length — cut to suit requirements
Backing: flame retardant class 1 formaldehyde-free MDF
Bonding: tape for bonding stainless steel to MDF

The MICAM HORIZON™ 2.O internal wall lining system employs a range of stainless steel corner posts which offer impact protection and are available in a range of sizes for external and internal angles. These are provided with an integrated shadow gap detail.

Material: aluminium facia bonded to plywood
Thickness: 1.5mm aluminium
4mm plywood
Finish: powder coated
Height: heights can be specified
Length: 2.5m length — cut to suit requirements
Fixing: mechanical screw fix
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Glass panel System

MICAM Air™ is a robust high impact performance, demountable glazing system that is ideally suited to applications which need to withstand the effects of blast loading that occur in landside areas of airports, rail stations or other critical public areas. A modified system combining similar design features can be deployed in lower risk airport airside applications.

MICAM Air™ can be safely used on staircases, lift fronts, retail outlets and front of house areas combining outstanding aesthetics and performance. 

 The glass lining system is available in a comprehensive range of colours, interlayers and thickness depending on the application and design brief. It is 100% recyclable. 

Manufactured locally, we are positioned to accommodate short-term programme demands.

Both MICAM HORIZON™ V2.0 and MICAM Air™ glass panel systems are fixed to our in-house designed steel sub-structure (SSS) which has been developed specifically for Airport and Station environments where a void for concealing services is required. The panels integrate seamlessly with each other.


MICAM SecureWall™

This variant on MICAM’s composite wall panel system incorporates factory fitted modifications that prevent access by a determined attacker, easily defeating the requirements of Loss Protection Standard (LPS)1175.

The system’s enhanced anti-ballistic /anti -fragmentation performance features provides protection of specific high risk areas.

MICAM SecureWall™ is virtually indistinguishable from MICAM Horizon™ 2.0 wall panels offering seamless integration.


MICAM FragShield™

A range of products developed to counter the continually evolving nature of the terrorist threat.

Recently deployed PBIED devices have been both blast and fragmentation based.

Outside of a relatively small lethal blast zone, primary (from the device) and secondary (from interactions of the device with surroundings) fragmentation can add significantly to the lethality of the device. MICAM FragShield systems have been developed to address these issues.

Research and Development in this area has resulted in the design of free standing and fixed structures which are both able to withstand the effects of blast pressure and successfully capture and contain fragmentation.